Shipment of SAMPLES (2 Kilo MAX)

Please use this form before you send us any samples. We will contact you to advise you exact details. Please do NOT offer any perishables, or items which cannot be legally sold in the European Union! 

By default we will not compensate you for any proceeds of the sale of samples. However as an alternative we invite you to register for payment. If you choose this option we would ask you to send to us US$ 10 (by PayPal or BitCoin)after receipt of the instructions you will recive after completion of this form. This entitles you to 50% of the net proceeds we receive from the sale of your sample products.

Notwithstanding the above, if we consider a future cooperation mutually beneficial, we will contact you in dues course so that discussions can be held. Please understand that we recieve many different products, and we would only look to cooperate if this is  – in our professional opiniion, and taking all factors into account, commercially viable to all parties. We cannot make any guarantee, but do promise to always make honest assessments.

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