An open invitation in the darkest times

As crisis envelopes almost the whole of the world – we dare to look forward to the sun shining again. We are based in Southern Germany and are looking for items to sell on German marketplaces in the future -and make all interested parties the following offer: 


We invite you to send us a 2 Kilo (maximum weight)  package of samples of your products. On receipt – and subject to German market requirements and any applicable restrictions, we will catalogue and list your items on a number of German marketplaces.

A proportion of earnings received in respect of your items can be paid to you as determined by yourself in accordance with the schedule below. 

More importantly,  we will contact producers of those products which sell best, and work together with them to investigate the possibility of listing your items on an ongoing commercial basis.

NOTE: This programme is suitable for small, lightweight compact non-perishable items only


  1. Let us know what you are sending us. Please no perishables. Goods that are not suitable or allowable for sale within the European Union cannot be returned.
  2. As soon as you receive our OK – and exact details for your shipment – , please send us the items at YOUR EXPENSE (maximum weight of package 2 Kilo). Please note any customs fees are for your expense and will be charged to you and/or deducted from any relevant proceeds. IMPORTANT : Please mark all items as SAMPLES and send us any relevant descriptions etc. by email.
  3. As a default we will NOT remit to you any proceeds of sample items sold. HOWEVER, if you send us a pre-payment of €10 for registration through PayPal or BitCoin, we will gladly pay you 50% of the proceeds of any samples sold.
  4. In any case we will share information on our success with you – should we decide that an ongoing collaboration would be mutually beneficial,we will of course contact you to discuss a possible collaboration.

Global Trading Support at your service

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